7th Heaven Blemish Mud Revieuw



I always see these kind of masks in my local drugstore and I thought why not try some out! This is the first one I tried out, I was really curious about it.

When I opened it it really smelled like some kind of minty fresh mud-like paste. It felt really cold and refreshing on my face and when I walked and some wind blew on my face it felt so refreshing and revitalizing. P1010074.JPG

It said to leave it on for 15-20 minutes and than rince it off. So I went ahead and left it on for 20 minutes. I thought It would have been dry by than because after 4 minutes the first spots already started to dry but there were still wet places. I rinsed it off anyway becouse I didn’t want to leave it on longer than the package said. P1010079

My face was so hard when it was dry unbelievable, I could not move a single muscle in my face I could not even open my mouth to drink from a straw. And when I tried really hard it just cracked and tht felt really, really unconfortable and creepy. IT was also really hard to rince of it took 10 minutes to take the whole mask off and it left a huge mess in my sink. Those things being the only downside to it becouse this mask left my skin so soft and smooth! It didn’t remove any blemishes though but the next morning I didn’t wake up with more wich normally does happen so I am pretty pleased with the result!


Thx for reading guys and i’ll talk to you guys later!

Bye, greetz, Charlie! 🙂


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