Small Haul /Dr. Martens/Fred Perry/ Forever 21

Today I did some shopping in Antwerp. I went with my mom and we had lot’s of fun! I only bought 3 things though but they were not the cheapest so that’s why. Enjoy the haul!! 🙂

So I went to forever 21. The one is Antwerp was having a HUGE sale, 65% off the whole store! Everything had to go! First and second floor were already closed! The whole store was a huge mess and I didn’t have time enough to look trough all those piles of clothes to find more things in my size! I found these pants though and I really liked them. I have been looking for pants with rips on the knees for a while now but I always found them so expensive and now I found some at a killer price! I could not pass them up! 🙂

I obviously had to go to the Dr. Martens store and buy some more shoes! Dr. Martens is my favorite shoe brand, I live in my docs! I thought these would be really cute for summer, to wear with dresses and so on, I have these in black but the black ones don’t look that good with lighter colored clothes so I had to buy some lighter colored ones! These are the Polley Virginia’s in Ivory! The leather on these is also alot softer than the regular Polley’s, so in these I don’t have to wear socks! Even more perfect for summer!!!


Fred Perry was having a sale as well and I saw this little baby there! It was the last one and it was my size so I kind of had to buy it! xD It’s a very nice jersey material with a zipper on the back. I thought this would be a nice change in my wardrobe, all I have from Fred Perrey are polo’s and shirts and now I have this T-shirt polo, very nice for summer very collorfull as well!

I am really happy with my purchases. I hope you enjoyed reading! 🙂

See you next time!

Greetz, Charlie ❤ 🙂


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