Day 6: I’m a Taurus


I’m a Taurus, I was born 26 april 1996, that makes me currently 20 years old.

I will compare my characteristics with what a taurus is supposed to be, some make sense some don’t.

Strenghts that I should have wich I actually have.

Becouse I’m a taurus I should be reliable, wich is actually true, I will always keep my prommises and you can always count on me. I should be practical and I am. I always have everything planned, I can’t go without planning. I’m also devoted, I am very passionate in everything I do. I am also responsible, leave me in charge and nothing will go wrong I assure you!

Strengths that I should have but that I don’t.

I am not patient at all. Having to wait makes me nervous and even very angry so nope, I am not patient. I should be stable as well but I think this is really difficult to discuss I have mood swings sometimes so I would not really call myself stable.

Weaknesses that I should have and I have.

I am verry verry stuborn. If I am right I am right and if I’m not in the end I will feel really bad. I’m possessive as well, if something is mine, it is, I’m not very likely to give things that are mine to others or share them. I will only do that if I got them for that purpose for example presents. If I have something and I didn’t give it to you as a present or told you you could have it, ask me before you use it.

Weaknesses that I should have and I don’t.

There is only one though wich is uncompromising. When I was younger this was one of my biggest weaknesses but now not anymore. I learned to compromise fairly well!

Things I should like that I do.

Number one has to be music! Music is my life. I’m a singer, I sing every day. Music makes me so happy and it can change my mood in a few seconds. I don’t know what I would do without it. Romance has to be something that I like as well! Who doesn’t like getting flowers or romantic walks on the beach? Well I know I do! I like working with my hands as well, I really enjoy doing DIY projects and making small things, I have been doing that since I was very young! I should like high quality clothes as well, I do, a lot, but I don’t mind wearing clothes that are not that good quality as well. I like to order from cheap websites to save money so I really like both equally.

Things I should like that I don’t.

Gardening, damn they could not be less wrong. I HATE gardening… I don’t like getting my hands dirty at all. I love a nice looking garden and flowers to sit in and look at. But don’t have me do it all by myself because, I won’t! I don’t really like cooking as well, if I have to cook I don’t want to spend much time on it, I make quick meals that do the trick.

Things I should dislike and I do.

Sudden changes. They hit the jackpot with this one. Sudden changes are my worst nightmare. I will freak out if something doesn’t go as planned and everything changes. I will go cry in a corner and lock myself up. Really I hate it when I can’t follow my planner. Complications, I think nobody really likes complications. Since complications usually couse sudden changes I don’t really have to explain.  ‘Insecurity of any kind.’ Very true, I am very insecure in many ways and I hate it!

Things I should dislike and I don’t.

Synthetic fabrics, I don’t care what my clothes are made off, if they look good, I will wear them and that’s the end of it!




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