Day 7: My favorite childhood toys were my Bratz dolls


My favorite toys as a kid were my Bratz dolls. I was obsessed with them. I made little movies with them I wrote stories about them,… I had alot more than you can see on this picture though. I had at least 20 adult ones and I think I had around 10 kids ones. These ones are the baby’s I had and the only ones I still have. I donated the rest of them. It really hurt when I gave them away and now when I was looking for them to make the picture it made ma sad I only kept these ones.

I loves Bratz so much because I really liked the clothes they were wearing they were not like Barbie. They were different, there makeup and hair was always cooler as well. When I was a kid here clothes were really edgy and hip and I was really into that as a kid! I still am  but don’t tel anyone hehe :p)

So yeah, I was a girly girl playing with dolls. :p


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