Fake Lime Crime Venus Palette / Revieuw


Disclaimer: This is a FAKE Lime Crime product, I don’t support the company but I wanted to try out there Venus Palette so I bought a FAKE one from AliExpress.

Over all this product is not that bad. The pigmentation is ok, the collors are not completely the same as the real palette though but that’s fine by me, it doesn’t bother me. The packaging is pretty good and is almost exactly the same as the real one. It came bubble wrapped and in a plastic box. The shadows were covered by a transparent sheet. Overall I am happy with this product.

But…. It smells terrible. It’s crazy how bad this smells like chemicals. I contacted the seller to maybe get half of my money back becouse I am worried that something is in there thay I maybe do not want to put on my eyes. The seller told me it doesn’t smell bad at all. Mine does and I am not happy with that. He’s all like get over it it’s just a smell but no, to me it’s not, if something smells that bad they should not sell it.

I will use it anyway though because they won’t refund me at all and I payed €10 for it so I am not going to waiste that.

Buy it here. 


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