Day 9: I want to make YouTube my job


If I could I would really want to make YouTube and blogging my job. I love these things so much. Everything I do in my spare time is watching YouTube video’s and reading blogs.So why not do it myself? I’ve been watching YouTube and reading blogs for at least 6 years now.

I was on YouTube once but I deleted it becouse my mom did not want me to be on YouTube. I had this blog before as well and I deleted all my posts becouse someone was following me wich I didn’t want. And than now I figured out you can get rid of followers so I deleted everything for nothing. Now I have started over and it reall makes me happy now.

I hope I will have the guts to continue this time because I really want this and if I want something, I will go for it. I have wanted it for 6 years and nobody will make me stop or bring me down this time!


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