Day 10: My guilty pleasure


My guilty pleasure is shopping on AliExpress. I’m addicted to it. Everything is so cheap and you can find ANYTHING on there. Make-up brushes, clothing, home decorations, arts and craft supplies,…. Anything.

I will be doing a huge make-up haul of this website as well soon I am waiting for everything to come in the mail. This is like the eBay of China and there is FREE SHIPPING. I have no bad words to say about this website.

The sellers are also really really nice. If there is a problem with your package just open a dispute and your problem will be solved. It has happened to me that a package didn’t came in the mail, I contacted the seller and I got my money back. I had products come in a little bit damaged I got to keep the product and I got my money back! What more do you want?

Seriously guys, go check out this website. But don’t say I didn’t warn you, it’s addictive. :p

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post I am not being paid to say all this. This is my honest opinion about this website.


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