Day 15: 15 interesting facts about me

1: I’m a singer.

2: I have arachnafobia.

3: I have anxiety.

4: I like very small spaces.

5: It takes a while for me to trust someone.

6: I like to read novels.

7: I’m addicted to horror movies, they scare the shit out of me and I can’t sleep but I seem to enjoy that, it makes me feel alive.

8: I like being alone, sometimes I need to be alone for a while.

9: I’d rather spend my money on clothes and makeup than on food.

10: I don’t like chocolate.

11: When I was 5 I gave my first performance, in Turkey.

12: Every time I see a bug I’m scared that it’s going to crawl in my ear.

13: I like childish things and acting like a child once in a while.

14: I’m addicted to tattoos and piercings.

15: Don’t make me angry, I might be a small girl but I can fight like a big one.


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