Day 16: My vieuws on mainstream music


I hate ‘mainstream’ music. Its not creative in no single way. These days you don’t even need a good voice to become a poster, they will just use autotune, show your boobs and you’ll be a poster, just playback on the shows who cares.. That’s not what real music is about. Posters? More like porn stars. It’s terrible… I feel like they take up the spots of people who don’t show there boobs and ass and son’t sing about sex, people with REAl talent. Everything is about sex these days. Why is that… I hate it so much… You can’t watch a videoclip of a mainstream band or singer these days without seeing uncovered body parts, kissing people, people having sex, people looking like whores and selling themselves to the world. WAKE UP PEOPLE THIS IS NOT REAL MUSIC


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