Day 19: My biggest regret in life

My biggest regret in life is that I still care about what people think about me, mostly my parents.

I want to be myself but I always get pushed back, I really like tattoos and I have wanted them since I was very young, i finally rebelled against my parents and got one and now my mom doesn’t want to walk nex to me in public when people can see my tattoo…

Also, I wanted short hair again for so long and finally did it and my mom keeps saying why did you cut your beautifull hair you should not have done that. But I wanted to do it, I felt like I had to do it, it’s only hair. It’s not her head, what does she even care? I don’t understand.

People on the streets as well when people look weird at me I feel bad, I should not care about what there opinion is.

I have the right to be me!


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