Day 22: I changed a lot the past few years



The old me!

I have changed alot over the past few years, on the inside and on the outside as you can see! :p I think I’m going to start with how I changed on the inside and than I’ll move over on the outside!

I’m a really scared and shy person, I always have been but it has been worse than it is now. I used to be scared to go out in public, I would stay at home and never do something because I was scared of people I don’t know. I don’t like people comming into my personal space. I was also really scared to go to school, I still am a bit but that got better.

On the outside my look has changed completely. I went from gothic to skinhead girl / grunge girl. I wear nothing now what I used to wear than. I do my makeup completely different. I have short hair now. Lots of things. I wear things now that back than I thought I would never wear. I like lots of clothing styles and I basicly mix any style I like and make i my own mix-up of everything!


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