Hi guys!

I recently discovered a new online website who sells so much awesome and cool things for good prices! So I made my own little wishlist on this website and I want to share it with you guys! Just to show you what kinds of cool things they have and the things I like and think are worth checking out on this website!

So the first item I picked out is this black and white bikini! I really like the fact that it’s high waisted and has the straps on the side. The upper part looks also really really nice and I think this would be the perfect bikini to hang out on the beach with!

Next up is this blak and red tie die hoodie. I love this. The collors are 100% me and I love wearing hoodies. I would wair this on a day to day basis, to school, to lounge around in in the house during winter. This is just perfect. It doesn’t happen that I like the look of a hoodie this much. Usually I’m like meh ok it’s comfortable but it doesn’t look that nice and this one, just looks perfect to me!

And ofcourse I had to add a denim jacket! I LOVE denim jackets! You can pair them with just about everything! And this one pops out even a bit more becouse of the embroidery! I love emoriodered flowers, they brighten up mu whole day! I also really like the (ofcourse) fake shearling! I just love the way that looks and it fits my style perfectly!

I really could not help myself to add another embroidered denim piece! These shorts are just absolutely perfect! They have everything that I look for in shorts! First of all they are denim, second they are a bit longer so your but cheaks don’t hang out of them (I hate that!) and third they have something that makes them stand out from other shorts, something that makes them special, in this case, the embroidery! Have I told you yet that I love embroidery? Hehe. These shorts would make a perfect staple piece in my summer wardrobe!

And of course, who would I be without a pair of awesome boots? I love boots, I live in boots. I’m addicted to shoes, I have always been but a nice pair of black boots with buckles will always be my favorite style of boots! I can’t have anough of them! This pair I really like, it has the buckles but also a zipper so you can put them on easy and fast! And my god that platform I love it! These boots are all that I adore in one pair of shoes, I could not ask for more!

Another item that I will always have in my wardrobe, a choker! This one in perticular is amazing, I love zippers and O-ring details and this choker has it all! Basicly this is the perfect choker for me and my wardrobe! I have so many cute outfits this would go perfectly with!

This sweater I also really liked! First of all it’s in my absolute favorite color and second it’s nice that it has a v-neck. Mostly when I wear a sweater I don’t feel very feminine at all and I feel like with this one I could! And still be warm and cozy during the winter months, a perfect combo!

Everybody loves a nice pair of sunglasses, no? Well I do! And these ones really catched my eye! They have a vintage cat eye look wich I really like and suits my face, they also are white wich is something different for me becouse I usually only wear black sunglasses but I think this summer I would like to have some white ones like these! I definatly need some white in my all black sunglasses collection!

The next item is a combination of 2 things I love! Hoodies and dresses! I never owned a hoodie dress before but I think they could be really comfortable! I would love to own one and try it out, and this one really stood out to me because of the nice white print on it and the pockets. The length is also exactly what I would want!

This is the last item I want to share with you guys today. I have seen this kind of sweater all over the internet and they seem to be really on trend. Usually I don’t care much about trends but for a change, this one I really really like! And I would like to give it a try, nothing wrong with a grey sweater with some fun going on in the front, no?


Well there you go guys these are all the items I wanted to share with you!

If you like these items and would like to sign up on the website please use this link and help me out, I would really appreciate it!

Want to help me out even a bit more? Then please click on the ‘buy’ links, you don’t have to actually buy anything just click on the links and they will bring you to the item on the website, doing this would really help me, I need as much ‘clicks’ as I can!

Well guys thank you for reading and I hope you have a nice day!

xoxo Charlie ❤


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