Hello guys!

Here in Belgium the sun is starting to shine and it’s getting warmer! Finally spring is here and it makes me want to get ready for summer! Every summer I always have different statement pieces in my wardrobe. I like changing things around once in a while. So let’s show you what will be my top 5 items in my warderobe for this summer!



A T-shirt dress is such a nice thing to have in the summer! It’s sumer comfortable and you can just throw it on. It’s also very flowy and good for warm weather, when i’t hot outside you don’t want your clothes sticking to your skin, well at least I don’t! Just ad a nice pair of sunglasses and some cool sandals and you’re done!


Ofcourse in summer you’ll need sunglasses! I really liked these ones, they are black so they will go with all the outfits you’re planing on wearing. I also really like there vintage 70’s cat eye look. I can totally see Betty Page wearing these! I really like vintage pin up stule and there sunglasses shapes are absolutely to die for!


Yes you read that and saw it wel, swimsuits are back! I remember a couple of years ago nobody wanted to wear swimsuits anymore and bikini’s were all the rage. But now swimsuits are finding there ways back into fashion and I’m loving it! Lots of new designs and shapes, how can you not want a statement swimsuit like this one in your wardrobe?


Some people like sandals some people don’t, and I’m one of the persons who loves them. I hate it when it’s ho en the sun is shining and my feet are locked up in boiling hot shoes, because admit it, those are the best circumstances to create blisters and terribly painfull feet! So when it’s hot and the sun is shining I’ll put on my sandals!


Somthing you always need in summer is a nice top that you can just throw on with a pair of shorts. This is what i would mostly wair on a warm summer day. Just a pair of jeans short and a top or a crop top depending on what I feel like that day. You can’t go wrong with this one!

So that’s it for today! These are in my opinion the 5 items you need in summer! I picked out all these items on a website called Zaful! I am really liking this website lately and I already bought various things on there website! If you would like to shop there as well please sign up through this link: Sign up!

Feel like doing me a favor that would really help me out? Please click on the ‘buy’ links under the pictures in this blogpost, they will take you to the item in the website, you don’t have to buy anything just click on the link, if you want ou can even click it away straight away that doesn’t matter, just clicking on it would really help me and my blog and even my YouTube out a lot!

Thank you so much for reading!

Greetings, Charlie ❤


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