Hi guys!

Today I will be talking to you about Disney and Pixar animations and wich one I prefer. I find this very interesting becouse before I have never actually given this subject any thought until I realized that some Disney movies I didn’t really like and those turned out to be from Pixar and the ones I always really liked were the traditional Disney ones.

I guess there can be some explanations for this, as a little kid I always watched the traditional Disney movies becouse we had all of them on casette (I still have all of them!). And then later and later on there became alot of Pixar and I didn’t really like them, I always went back to the traditional Disney movies.

I just absolutely love it when you can see the drawing lines move I think it’s so cool and gives so much character! With Pixar everything is so round and even though it’s animated it’s more flat to me to look at than the traditional Disney movies.

Also the stories. I really prefer the original story’s than the newer modern ones. I think somewhere in my head Disney is not ment to become moders because it’s something from my childhood and when I was a child Disney was still ‘old’ as kids nowdays would call it!

Anyway, do you agree with me or disagree? I would love to know so comment down below!

Greetings, Charlie ❤


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