Hi guys!

Today I want to talk to you about songs that speak to me and what I think is so special about them or maybe they are attatched to an important memory,… I do want to put a disclaimer out there though becouse my friends describe my music taste as ‘weird’ or ‘strange’ so I would not be suprised if you guys would think that also. But still I wanted to share these songs with you guys becouse they did leave an impression on me. Let’s get started!


So this song is a recent discovery of mine. Vitas is a Latvian born Russian singer with an extraordinary voice. This guy just amazes me with his vocal technique. (feel free to check out his early songs like 7th element) However this song, opera n2 or Опера No2 in Russian. The lyrics in combination with the videoclip are so powerful, the way he expresses his emotions and sad feelings is so touching that I really feel him and it almost makes my cry like I can feel all his pain. Ofcourse I don’t speak Russian so I had to find a traduction of this song and he basicly he sings about his house that is built and he’s in love with this woman but she’s not with him and he has a mental ilness cousing him to stay in his house alot and every time he leaves his house he risks his life. So the guils he has symbolising what keeps him at home becouse he needs to be in his bathtub to breathe so every time he leaves his house to see this girl he risks his life, he feels like a fish in a bowl. One day this girl finds his house and comes to him v-but he realizes she can never udnerstand him and he completely breaks down. I think this is so beautifull and sad, his high pitch voice really captures the perfect feeling for events like this. I love it.


So i think a lot of you will know this song, at least the original version by Simon & Garfunkel. As much as I like the original version, Disturbed’s version really stabbed me right in the heart. The sound of his voice near the end the rough scraping sound it makes shows the emotions perfectly. The words are so strong and powerfull and true it just sends shivers down my spine.


So the reason this song speaks to me is because it is the theme song from my favorite Studio Ghibli movie spirited away. This song is so beautiful and makes me dream and smile. I don’t know exactly what it means but to me for this song it doesn’t matter, the feeling that this song gives me is what speaks to me and I absolutely love it!

Do you guys have songs that speak to you? Please elt me know in the comments down below!

Grt, Charlie ❤


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