This is my favorite perfume ever! As a child I had the pink version of this perfume and my mom put it on me every day!

The smell of this one is similar to the pink one but more ‘grown up’. I really feel that this perfume is my smell since I have been wearing it for so long.

It’s not the cheapest perfume I admit that but for me it’s centainly worth it! I’m a very difficult person when it comes to perfumes. 99% of them make me want to puke, I can’t go in a perfume store for more than 10mn before I can’t breathe anymore, so basically I never pick out a new perfume, I wear this one all the time and when it’s empty, I just buy a new one.

Wich one is your favorite perfume? Let me know in he comments below!

Greetings, Charlie ❤


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