Hi guys!

It’s been a while since I posted something I know, I’ve been really buzzy with school but now I’m back! So recently I got bitten by the gel nails/acrylic nails bug! I got them done for my birthday and that’s where it all started! I hate the fact that normal nailpolish chips so fast and my nails break super fast! And I ain’t got no money to get my nails done all the time so I invested in some starter kits! And with those I obviously had to buy some gel polishes! Elite99 is the first brand I bought polishes from and this is my review! Links where I bought the products will be provided! I hope this helps you out a bit!

Thank you for reading! 🙂


This is not sponsored, I bought al these products with my own money!

elite99 normal gel polish

Normal gel polish; black: 1348, white: 1433

I wanted to start off with the most pasic polishes I got, a black and a white one, I applied no base coat, 2 layers of polish and a top coat! (This go’s for all the samples I did!) The black one is super good, super shiny and very opaque nothing to complain about! However the white one went on a bit streaky and the polish came out of the lamp a bit wrinkled but maybe that’s my foult because my first layer was to thick I don’t know, but still it’s also very shiny just as I like it!

buy them here


Elite99 Chameleon color-changing gel

Chameleon color-changing gel: 3003

First of all I really love this color! When you move it in the light the collor ‘changes’ into a blue ish green color and gets more of a blue tint to it. This color would be perfect if you would to a nail with scales on like maybe a mermaid nail! However in my opinion it would need 3 coats instaid of 2, in some spots it isn’t fully opaque!

buy it here


Normal gel polish: 1862

This one was not really what I expected. In the pictures on the website it looked like this was a white polish with black ‘glitter’ in it, however it’s actually just a topcoat with black and white ‘glitter’, I also really like it thoug, it’s just not what I thought it would be!

buy it here


Rainbow gel polish: 7007

This one is my absolute favorite! I love it so much! This guy really is a rainbow on your nails! it’s just perfect! You can chose from a lot of different base collors but I chose this blue grey ish one becouse I thought it looked super cool! Nothing bad to say about this one at all!

buy it here


Cat Eye Gel polish: 9920

So I have noticed if you buy the small bottles that the writing on them is all the same and it doesn’t actually say wich kind of polish it is (accept from the color code on the bottom) this is the cat eye gel polish, you need to use the magnet that comes with it (hold close above the nail for 10 seconds and put it in the lamp as fast as you can). I don’t recommend using this polish without the magnet it looks very strange and really not nice (just spots of blue particles all over the place) but if the magnet is used it creates this realy cool effect!

buy it here


Diamond nail gel: NSJ9

This is (without a doubt!) the most shiny and sparkly nail color I have ever seen! I adore this! I wil certainly buy alot more of the colors they have! I used to dislike glitter and sparkles in every possible way, but for some reason, my new found love for nails has also brought a new found love of glitter upon me!

buy it here


Cheese gel polish: NSJ22

To start off about this one the name alone makes me love it! These come in a very special collor range, I love strange and odd things like this!

buy it here

So that’s it guys! I hope this was helpfull and you saw a nice collor that you would also like to try!

Bye bye, until next time!

xoxo, Charlie



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