Dear younger Charlie,

Right now I really wished that this was actually possible and I could send you this letter. I know it would have helped you becouse you made alot of mistakes. Ofcourse you learned from them now but you will go trough some really, really though times because of them… Now I’m not saying this to scare you but it is the truth. And I know the truth is scary sometimes but that’s life, shit happens. Alot happened relationship wise, mostly becouse you were scared of comitment. (you still are though)

You let people go who you should not have let go but hey that happens, becouse some things you only realise when it’s to late. You also made a very bad mistake of being with someone whom you should not have been with wich resulted in losing all your friends, yes I’m not kidding, for one year you had nobody, you didn’t go to school, you stayed home with your parents becouse you were scared to leave your house to run into someone, you really thought that guy was going to kill you. Your mom was even threathened by one of his ex girlfriends (I still wonder how she got her number!).

But you will get trough it, slowely you will start to do things again and you will make new friends! You did and went to a different school to study something else. But you didn’t keep doing that after 2 years you already changed and now you have found what you really want to do.

So all I am trying to say is that everything will be alright, I know that’s the only thing you really want to hear. Though times are coming but you will get trough them, in the end you’ll be alright.

Greetings, older you.



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